Immediately after the update of Arena of Fame was released, gamers of Lien Quan Mobile reacted quite harshly, even “bitterly hate” this new Prohibition mode. From Diamond rank upwards, players entering Ranked match will have to go through the Ban – Select steps.

Why does the game mode that is considered the standard Esports not receive enthusiastic support from gamers? What is the reason why Lien Quan Mobile gamers are so upset? Please follow the article below.

The reason why gamers Lien Quan Mobile hates Prohibition mode
I can’t play champions that I’m proficient at
What could be more disappointing than when I entered the general ban, the champion that I mastered, my most favorite ever was “banned” by the enemy. When it comes to choosing champions, the champions that I play well are both pre-selected by the enemy or scrambled by teammates.

Because according to the rules of the game Prohibition – Select mode, a champion has been selected, the opponent team cannot choose the same champion. Therefore, it will be extremely disadvantage for those who choose the following.

Can’t play champions that I have
Many gamers face a situation of “half crying and laughing” when having to control generals that have never played. For those who never recharge to buy generals, it is easy to encounter the situation of being “robbed” of all generals, having to randomly choose a champion from the list to play. The consequences are probably predictable.

A poor person pulled the team down
If some of the teammates in Team are unlucky, choosing champions that have never played or hit badly will not be able to fulfill their roles well. That makes you burden the whole Team, even surrender because you cannot afford to be able to handle it.

With the above 3 reasons, the gamer Lien Quan Mobile is too frustrated with the Prohibition – Choose mode is natural, nothing is wrong.

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