Call of Duty is a name that has long been very famous, but the mobile version with a somewhat different gameplay is not known by everyone. Basic instruction is essential for players to understand what their job is to do in the game, and what it offers.

Basic instructions on how to play Call of Duty: Mobile

The main interface of the game, which contains a lot of different information, is also the place where players interact the most during the game. All features, functions or notifications are arranged within this interface.

The main interface in Call of Duty: Mobile

Firstly, the fitting part, in the game, players not only use a single gun, there are many different types of guns as well as attachments for those weapons. Not to mention we can see that there are many parts that cannot be activated immediately.

Note that the exclamation icon will let you know there is an item you can equip.

Equip weapons and accessories

In Call of Duty: Mobile, there are many different item slots and with each item we can equip weapons, equipment and accessories or special items to help restore or increase. a certain possibility.

All are annotated in Vietnamese, so we can be completely assured of the features of these supplementary cards.

The game offers many different plugin cards

The equipment in the game is very diverse from bullets, scopes, silencers to bullets. Of course, each item has certain benefits and higher level weapons will unlock and equip these accessories.

Mounting accessories for weapons

Talking about game modes, in Call of Duty: Mobile there are many different types of play from normal game mode, Rank or Battle Royale game mode. Only the normal game mode has 6 completely different modes.

Many different game modes

Each mode will have its own gameplay, but except for the Battle Royale game mode, the other modes give you the basic equipment you have installed to fight. Players can choose to change by setting up different profiles.

Select equipment before the game screen

Most game modes are divided for you into 2 teams, except for Battle Royale mode and a free-to-play mode. But they all have the point they are giving you a mission, that is to place bombs, destroy all enemies or gain certain points.

Each game mode will have its own goal

And of course, no matter what game mode wins and loses, this achievement will be credited to your account. Of course, if you win, you will get more rewards than the loser.

The matches will be replayed at the end

In the game not only have guns with powerful firepower, the game also provides players with many different “items” to help destroy the enemy. One example is a drone with the ability to find an enemy and explode like a bomb.

There are many ways to destroy the enemy

Or even more modern is that you will be equipped with a control panel that can call the aircraft to bomb exactly where you want to attack. Imagine if you lure an enemy into one place and activate the control panel, surely all enemy factions will be destroyed.

Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile are diverse

Or like: the ultimate weapon the player equips is a flamethrower (changeable). Using a fire gun with limited time but the firepower is very strong, enough to burn the enemy in the blink of an eye.

The ultimate weapon system in the game

As mentioned, if you win the player will get a lot of different rewards including XP for your character level or weapon XP. In addition, players also get a number of stars to unlock weapons.

Players gain more XP when they win

To increase the appeal of the game, the publisher also gives players a lot of events or daily tasks in the game with worthy rewards, so you do not need to spend too much money for the best experience.

Many events and attractive modes

The game also allows players to customize the setup of many different control modes in the game. Although we can fix it with Game Controls on BlueStacks, if we combine it, it will be more effective.

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