There are many common errors when playing Clash of Clans that users encounter. This greatly affects your playing experience as well as your Clan. Let’s fix the common errors when playing Clash of Clans with us right below.

The common error when playing Clash of Clans is not something too blatant, in fact you have to “chicken” to become a pro. So what are the common errors when playing Clash of Clans that you can avoid meeting in the game. Trust me, with the common errors when playing Clash of Clans below, you must have tried it once.

Common errors when playing Clash of Clans

Your Rank Is Too High

One of the common mistakes when playing Clash of Clans is too “illusion” compared to his power. For example, Hall8 should only be around Rank 1500, Hall 9 should be 1700 and Hall 10 can be 2000, because that is the rank of Rank with many opponents with similar strength to you.

Being in a high Rank has consequences that are difficult to farm, and moreover, enemies at a higher rank can destroy your house 100%.

Of course we can rule out someone doing Rank up to 3200 for a reward. In fact, your rank is always low, it will be easier to live and farm easier.

Choose Base With Defender Row Too Strong To Attack

During farming in Clash of Clans many players are often trapped by some Hall when taking resource towers out to lure players into attacking. However, this is really a trap because most of these Hall have a large number of defensive towers around, causing the player to damage quickly.

In war clan battles this is quite common, one part wants to show strength and the other is to show “bonus”. Something that clan owners don’t like at all with their own members.

Unbelievable Drop of Troops In One Place

In Clash of Clans owns nearly 40 units of troops and more than 10 different types of spells, this mix so that players can calculate rationally in both farming and war. The mass release only makes you “go” soon.

Whether farming or war, the common error when playing Clash of Clans still occurs and it is advisable to consult more popular combos today on the internet, Youtube

Misuse of Soldier

Each unit of soldiers in Clash of Clans has a different effect depending on the battlefield, terrain as well as the arrangement of the enemy’s house. Common errors when playing Clash of Clans of this type occur very commonly with players, even experienced ones sometimes make mistakes.

For example, the spear Golem unit is used as a solid shield for wizards, and the arhcer behind attacks the towers. Or Hog units are often used to quickly destroy towers, but remember to clear troops in clan turrets first and use the Healing spell to heal.

Ignore the Defense Force in the Clan.

One fatal mistake that the player seems to be simple, but because of it, makes the entire combo of the player defeated. Maybe the enemy units in the clan are not strong, but in return it prevents the player’s footsteps.

And just one beat slow can make players suffer a series of combos from defensive towers. In the War Clan this is a taboo that players need to avoid and avoid common mistakes when playing this Clash of Clans.

Refuse to Upgrade Wall

Agree there are many units that don’t care how much your Wall is, but if there’s a defense that definitely hurts the enemy. Especially if the opponent plays combos like Pekka, Golem, then having a high-class Wall is absolutely necessary for the player. Although it is very expensive to upgrade a Wall, if you upgrade to a high enough level, it is strong enough.

Refuse to Learn The Uses Of The Spell

Spell in Clash of Clans played a big part in the player’s victory. From earthquakes capable of breaking walls extremely fast as well as thunder to down dangerous Air pillars.

Or a combination of Baloon and Speed ​​pot, Hog and Healing pot or inferno with Frezze pot. That is what the player can combine and there are many more spells. Ignoring spells frequently or focusing on just one type is a common mistake when playing Clash of Clans while using Spell.

Above are 7 common errors when playing Clash of Clans or encountered with players. If it’s a loot match then there’s no problem, but what about a war clan? Not only do you feel sorry, but also your teammates as well as hearing scolding from your teammates about the action of hitting the base 1 star.

To avoid common mistakes when playing Clash of Clans, it is better for players to consult from their own teammates. Because playing Clash of Clans for newbies is not difficult. Also pay attention to the battles of the same level, which is the best material for you to play Clash of Clans fluently.
Also if you want the battles in Clash of Clans to be perfect like playing Clash of Clans on your computer is the best solution. With how to play Clash of Clans on the computer will help you get a better view thanks to the large screen.

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