Clash Of CLans (COC) is an attractive strategy game that attracts a large number of players. Join the game you are transformed into a mayor, with the task of building a large village, training soldiers and fighting with many other players.

First, if you want to play Clash Of CLans, you must understand the basic components of the game to build your own clan to compete for the ownership of the kingdom. Please refer to the following article to accumulate more experience playing Clash Of CLans:

The basic ingredients in Clash Of CLans

1. Town hall

This is the main house, upgrade the main house to have a new house, try to protect it so that the main house is always safe, if it is destroyed, you will lose it. The highest level of the main house is 10.

2. Builder

As a farmer to build a house, the faster he can upgrade it, the stronger the defense will be. Try to save Gem to buy farmers Wednesday and Thursday.

3. Defense:
And here is the home defense system includes the following types:

Mortar: Mortar cannons are powerful, should be built deep inside for better defense.
Archer Tower: Watchtowers shoot arrows, defend on the ground and in the air.
Wizard Tower: The wizard tower is also quite strong, defending on the ground and in the air.
Canon: Gunners.
Hidden Tesla: Lightning defense is quite strong, can open the first one when the Hall reaches level 7. To defend the ground and the air.
Air Defense: An air defense missile that only shoots flying types.
Wall: Walls are an important defensive component to help protect the house as well as protect the resources below. Wall protects the ground, it cannot protect the air. To upgrade Wall is very expensive.
X-bow 0, Inferno Tower: Fire Tower will have a defense system when the Hall reaches level 10.
Some traps: Bomb, spring trap, giant bomb, speeking air mine.

4. Resources
This is an operator, resource repository includes some of the following:

Gold Storage: Gold Storage upgraded with Elixir.
Elixir Storage: The water containing Elixir upgraded with Gold.
Gold Mine: Gold operator.
Elixir Collector: Elixir operator.
Dark Elixir Storge: The black water brothel used to buy soldiers.
Dark Elixir Drill: The black water extraction. When the Hall reaches level 8 you will buy it.

5. Troops
These are soldiers. The highest number of soldiers in the game is 240.

There are soldiers: Barbarian, Archer, Goblin, Giant, Wall Breaker, Balloon, Winzard, Healer, Dragon, P.E.K.K.A. Soldiers in Barracks are purchased with Elixir. Dark Barracks house has soldiers: Minion, hog rider, valkyrie, golem. All purchased and upgraded with Dark Elixir.

6. Treasure
There are 4 main types of resources: Gold, Elixir, Dark elixir and Gems.

7. Army

Finally is the soldier house, including the following houses:

Army Camp: There is a maximum of 4 soldiers.
Barracks: Buy troops using Elixir.
Laboratory: An upgraded soldier or spell.
Spell Factory: Magic spell creator.
Barbarian King: A strong and immortal king Barbarian, created only once by Dark Elixir.
Dark Barracks: As a buyer to use Dark Elixir.
Archer Queen: Queen Archer, extremely powerful with strong and fast long-range ability.
After understanding the main components of the game, you can play the game easily. At first, you should not focus on Trophy hunting because it can make you fail constantly. You should spend a few hours a day playing to have enough resources to upgrade Hall and defensive structures.

When you first play, you need to focus on upgrading:
Town Hall: If you are new to playing, do not upgrade to more than 7, because the higher the main house, the harder it is to rob.
Army Camp: Upgrade the barracks to get more soldiers to rob.
Clan Castle: Please join the army.
Laboratory: Upgrades the star to a soldier because the more stars the soldier has, the stronger the force is.
Spell Factory: Upgrading your house because you have to have it in the end.
Storage: Upgrade storage for Gold, Elixir, Dark. Because you rob it, there should be a storage space, if not, where to put it?
Barracks: Upgrading to have a new soldier, just 1 house is to unlock a new soldier.

Focus on exploiting resources as well as improving the defense system with cannons placed around your home. Do not pay too much attention to expensive weapons, because that can cause you to run out of resources to build a larger number of troops to attack and resist invasions from other opponents.

Tips for new players:
When my next house saw that the farmer was building a sleeping house (with the word zzzzz on the house) and the warehouse was empty, just hit the mines and then go out to eat clean resources.
When farmers are building houses, most of the resources in the containers have to hit the containers to steal a lot. There are many resources, the resources in both 2 warehouses located in the mine.
Containers collapsed lose up to 20-30% (with Dark elixir losing 75%) so please pay attention.
Let the main house go deep into the territory, especially in places with dense defensive structures and protect it at all costs.
Thanks to that, you can freely build your own empire as you like. Please lead your clan to victory in this famous Clash Of CLans game.

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