Minecraft Trial is a separate version of Minecraft that allows users to experience this game completely for free within a certain limit, not only Mobile, but users can download and play Minecraft Trial on PC easily with the support of the top Android emulators today.

Minecraft is a very famous game in the world and it is suitable for all ages. However, to experience Minecraft, users have to spend a certain amount of money. That is why Mojang has allowed users to download and play Minecraft Trial on PC, a completely free, limited version for users to experience before making a decision whether to buy Minecraft or not.

How to Download and Play Minecraft Trail On PC

To be able to play Minecraft Trial on a PC, a user must use an Android emulator to play. Because Minecraft Trial is only available on phones, so Taivemienphi.online will guide you to play Minecraft Trial on PC through Bluestacks 4. Bluestacks 4 is the best Android emulator software, through testing Minecraft. Trial on PC with Bluestacks 4 is smooth, with no lag or errors during the experience.

Step 1: After following the instructions for installing Bluestacks, let’s open this software, type Minecraft Trial on the interface of Bluestacks 4.

Step 2: In the next step, the results of Minecraft Trial will appear, click Install to go to the main page of Minecraft Trial.

Step 3: In the main picture of Minecraft Trial we just need to click on Install to download and then play Minecraft Trial on PC right away.

Step 4: When you go inside Minecraft Trial, you will see the interface is quite similar to the version Minecraft PE you are playing, only that there will be the Unlock Full game line so that players have the right to buy the fullest version after experiencing Minecraft. Trial.

Step 5: Everything in Minecraft Trial is like Minecraft but limited in some game modes.

The way to create screens in Minecraft Trial is still the same as Minecraft PE if you have played it before.

Everything in Minecraft Trial everything experiences are exactly like Minecraft PE or Minecraft, only limited users to play for 90 minutes only.

However, just experience Minecraft Trial because 90 minutes of gameplay, you have the choice of whether to buy the game or not.

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