In Campaign Legend there is a feature that may not many players notice, that is the feature “Legion”. This is the latest feature, but the role and the benefits it brings are not small at all. So what is the Legion? How does it work? How do I form or join a Legion? We will find out right below!

An interesting feature where people of the same passion and aspiration converge. Where gamers can together create a large and powerful game team, together go to compete and overcome many challenges – Army.

What is the legion?
Legion is exactly a feature in the Legendary Campaign game. It allows players to create a guild, group with an arbitrary number of members to compete together and even compete with other Legions. Members are allowed to join only one Legion during the game and can only be admitted to that Legion if the founder accepts.

How to create the Legion?
Players need to reach a certain level to enable this feature. Then do the following:

Step 1: From the main interface of the game, select the item “Corps”.

Step 2: The interface as below appears, you can choose to join and one of the Legions that other players have set up or create a new Legion yourself by clicking on Legion.

Step 3: Fill in information including the name of the corps and the slogan and then “pay the fee” to establish 600 diamonds, you will have your own Legion.

Step 4: With Warehouse, we have a series of super badges to act as avatar, icons for our Legion.

Selection of badges for the Legion

When joining, players can see all information about that Legion or other Legions, such as the number of members, name of members, the establishment, active points, PK points, ranking .. .

How to join the Legion?
As mentioned above, players need to reach a certain level of play in order for the Legendary Campaign to unlock this feature. Then go to the interface to create the Legion and choose one of the available corps or enter the name of the corps you want directly in the search bar.

Alternatively, you can also click Refresh or All to find more, filter the Legion to join. Note, when joining a certain Legion, whether like it or not, players are also required to wait 24 hours to be able to leave and join another Legion.

Legion benefits
When joining the Legion, the player is also notified as the daily name of the game, each time he is named in the Legion, he will receive 10 dynamic points.

Daily attendance report to increase the active points for both individuals and corps

This number of all members will be added to the dynamic point of the entire corps and based on this milestone, the 50 corps with the highest number of active points will receive different rewards (corps members also receive this bonus).

For example:

  • If yourLegion is ranked 1, each member will receive 1000 Diamonds.
  • Ranked 2, each member receives 800 Diamonds.
  • Ranked 3, get 500 Diamonds …

Weekly Legion Ranking Rewards (Internet photo)

In addition, the Legendary Campaign also has a bonus mode for the rank of the Legion (like character level bonus). Specifically, any Legion that reaches a certain milestone (from Bronze level upwards) will receive gifts from all its members.

  • The corps reached the rank of Bronze, all members received 1000 gold.
  • Reaching Platinum rank, all members receive 5000 gold, 5 grenades and 5 Bazooka.
  • Reach the Master level, receive 30,000 gold, 5 grenades and 5 Bazooka and 5 ambulance bags.

This level bonus does not limit the number of legions, just reaching the level can receive the bonus

A new advanced feature that the Legendary Campaign has added to its game system is “League of Legends”. Literally, this is an upgrade to a higher and more professional level of the Corps. With the League of Legends, players from the same city or region can gather together and go to play.

The Corps also has the Commander in Chief and the Deputy Commanders (elected by the Corps).

Way out of the Legion
If you do not want to continue participating, a member of each Legion can leave the Corps without permission from its founder. However, to leave the Army Corps, it is necessary to wait 24 hours after being officially joined.

In the main interface of the Legion, click the cog icon (settings) and select Leave Legion. But note, when you leave, your week’s dynamic score will be lost and it also means that the dynamic score of the entire Legion will decrease.

The above is some information about the Legion feature in the Legendary Campaign game, which may not be required, but this is a great and useful feature, giving players many valuable gifts and feelings. Not alone when I have to fight alone.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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