The viewfinder system in Free Fire will help the weapon get more equipment and become more harmful. The survival shooter game Free Fire will need a lot of guns, but the power of the original guns is not enough to defeat the opponents. We can find or buy more to enhance the gun’s equipment through the list of auxiliary scopes below.

List of sights in the game Garena Free Fire
Red dots
Red dot Scope in Free Fire can be used for close range combat for added accuracy. Red dot sight can be picked up in homes or in compounds.

Viewfinder x2
The x2 scopes will help to shoot more accurately and zoom at enemies at long range. The x2, however, is also very effective in mid-range shootouts.

Viewfinder x4
The x4 viewfinder is also rated to have the same power as the x2 but shoots enemies at a long distance to help spy to a certain extent. Players can pair this scope with the Rifle when shooting long range.

Heat range
The thermal viewfinder is an addition to quickly detecting enemies for gamers less sophisticated in listening to footsteps. Even the thermal scopes can detect enemies in its range and even players hiding behind the bushes.

Sniper scope x8
The x8 sniper sniper rifle is best for detecting enemies at long range and lurking enemies in an easy-to-see area.

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