Microsoft announced this milestone on the occasion of Minecraft’s 10th birthday anniversary.

Minecraft, a game released by Microsoft 10 years ago, has reached 176 million copies worldwide and became the best-selling game in history. Microsoft announced this milestone on the occasion of Minecraft’s 10th birthday anniversary.

With 176 million copies sold, Minecraft has surpassed Grand Theft Auto V with 110 million copies sold after its launch in 2013. The current competitor to Minecraft is the legendary Tetris game.

However, according to Windows Central, it is difficult to compare these two games. Estimates show that the game Tetris has been downloaded more than 500 million times, but includes many different versions including both free and paid. Therefore, Minecraft is still considered as the best-selling game in history.

To commemorate this milestone, Microsoft has released Minecraft Earth, a free version of AR augmented reality on smartphones. Minecraft Earth will help players build a pixelated world in real life, through the AR camera of the smartphone. The beta will be released soon this summer.

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