Vietnamese students are about to comfortably sit in the school’s factory room to play Minecraft.

Today, Microsoft officially announced the widespread release of Minecraft: Education Edition – an open world game designed for educational purposes to develop creativity, collaboration, and problem solving – for 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The educational version of Minecraft also has an interface and gameplay similar to normal Minecraft, but customized to help guide more education. Specifically, to develop soft skills, students can collaborate with classmates to complete specific tasks, share what they can do with images exported directly from the game, and of course each Students can customize the character to their liking. In terms of knowledge, students can get information about objects (which can be elements, or objects) along with the NPC system that guides the necessary information, all encapsulated. in an environment guaranteed by the instructor.

Minecraft is redesigned with features for education

More specifically, according to Microsoft explained, because Minecraft is a familiar game to many school-age children, so from reality it can be seen, it is a closer environment to students. In addition, teachers can actively communicate lessons by adding relevant information into the game and assigning tasks to students. More importantly, tasks will likely be designed in such a way that students have to work together in groups, or even the classroom, to solve problems. This, according to Microsoft, will naturally increase the ability of students to work in groups, helping prepare students for the future.

Students will learn to collaborate with each other by completing group tasks

Another important reason why Minecraft can be a good educational tool is the open world style of the game. Games of this type have features close to humans, the game environment is simulated in the real world. Students when participating in learning and playing with Minecraft will also freely explore, constantly try and wrong, have to challenge themselves to overcome obstacles, achieve what they want by their own like in life. real. Microsoft also provides tools for students to present and interpret what they have been learning both in the Minecraft world or as presentations. This is very important, because the sense of completing the task and explaining it to others will give students a greater interest in learning and learning.

Progress tracking and results presentation are believed to be very important

The educational version of Minecraft will have 3 groups of objects when ordering. The first is a group of teachers, which can be purchased to create lessons, classes through which to interact with their students; second is the group of managers who bought them for their schools, and finally the version for students – the main user of Minecraft. Microsoft also provides a variety of instructional materials for teachers and administrators to install and develop their own lessons as well as use lessons available from Microsoft and the Minecraft Education community.

Hopefully we will soon see Vietnamese schools put this project into use. Then, instead of having to secretly play Age of Empires or Counter Strike, Vietnamese students can freely explore the world of Minecraft and still learn knowledge. Quite interesting, right?

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