Contrary to the concept of playing games as bad, a primary school in Hanoi allows children to get acquainted with Minecraft to serve the teaching.

Over the past time, online games often have to receive bad prejudices, that they will make students of the school age, students neglect their learning. There are even reportage videos of games like MineCraft, Rust … that force players to perform tasks to survive, easily confusing them with reality and games, leading to illegal acts.

Recently, however, a primary school in Hanoi has included the game in its curriculum. Accordingly, MineCraft will help students in grades 3 and 4 get acquainted with new friends, practice and apply multiplication to basic construction.

Newton Primary School students are instructed to play MineCraft.

Apply calculation and multiplication to Minecraft.

Posts on facebook quickly received thousands of likes and shares, and hundreds of comments. This rather new teaching approach makes the students excited and at the same time receives many supportive comments from the online community.

Most people think that learning and playing will stimulate students’ creativity.

It can be seen that, by nature, the game is not bad, there is something that both players and learners have access to properly or not. In the world, there are many universities bringing eSports to teaching to train professional gamers. They still use high-resistance sports, shooting team-mates … without being judged as violent.

For example, Indonesian high school teaches students by playing Online Games (here is the shooter OverWatch) with up to 20 hours per week.

The classrooms are fully equipped with projectors, televisions and high-configuration computers. Students will practice tactics through the very popular shooting game OverWatch.

The student and principal (in red) study eSports together in a special classroom.

School principal, Mr. Yohannes Sigian revealed: “eSports can help children develop skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork. From a professional perspective, they can study good math. Economics thanks to eSports. Realizing the value of education from eSports, we put it in teaching. Student Samuel William said: “eSports is not just about playing video games. Through it, I also learn how to work in groups, control my personal emotions and develop my own advantages”.

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