PUBG Mobile: The best weapon to play in Team Deathmatch mode |

Team Deathmatch game mode has just been released on the survival shooter PUBG Mobile and is receiving a lot of attention from gamers. The TeamDeathmatch game mode, also known as the 4vs4 Mortal Arena, has a fast-paced, short game time and players have to constantly knock down the opponent similar to the group game mode in previous FPS games.

However, the difference of Team Deathmatch in the Battle Royale super product is that we will have the right to revive after being destroyed, each kill network will count as 1 point and the team that reaches 40 points first will win. in a maximum period of 10 minutes. Both teams are brought to a rather small map instead of the usual large circle map on PUBG Mobile. However, the selection of weapons in Team Deathmatch game mode will also greatly determine the victory of the team, so gamers should have the option to enter the battle with the most confidence with their teammates. me.

How to choose a weapon when playing TeamDeathmatch mode in PUBG Mobile

In addition to building the right strategy, good reflexes, it is more important to choose guns that need high-speed support like Team Deathmatch.


AKM gun in PUBG Mobile

AKM is considered to be the most powerful rifle, so it is chosen by many gamers to kill their opponents within 1 note. The AKM will work very well if you fully attach the accessories and have experience in controlling it because it is a gun with quite a strong recoil.

M416 and Scar-L

M416 gun in PUBG Mobile

In a fast-paced team battle like Team Deathmatch, two M416 and Scar-L guns work quite effectively. These two guns can be said to be perfect in melee and mid-range play if you have a full range of shock absorbers and scopes.

With these two guns you should not use the larger scope, which will make it difficult to control because in a small map like Team Deathmatch it will not require a high aiming equipment, your task is just aiming. and has good shot technique.


Kar98k gun in PUBG Mobile survival shooter

Kar98k sniper rifle is too familiar to gamers playing PUBG Mobile, Kar98k can equip a 4x scopes to plan sneak shots, which is too perfect. In PUBG Mobile it is the only single action sniper gun available in this mode that further emphasizes its importance in the attack strategy. You can finish the opponent with 1 single bullet.

Kar98k’s power should be used to camp when you are near the revive zone and warehouse where fierce fighting takes place. Especially if gamers flexibly combine Kar98k with M2416, you will definitely master the entire game map.


The M249 gun in PUBG Mobile

The M249 is an extremely powerful gun, but quite rare because it is in a bailout. If you were interested in this gun, you probably know that M249 can hold up to 100 bullets and it is really a monster that destroys the opponent. In Team Deathmatch game mode, this M249 gun only appears in the central area of ​​the fighting warehouse, so it will be difficult to own it and you will lose it from your backpack if you die, the next resurrection will be no longer .

Above we have introduced to you the guns that are rated the highest in Team Deathmatch game mode. Hope you will have a pleasant experience with this latest PUBG Mobile game mode with what we recommend.

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