Vehicles are an important part of PUBG Mobile gameplay, helping you navigate the largest multiplayer battlefield ever created.

In Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile, being able to move quickly on the map is something everyone wants, because the core mechanism of the game is that the safe zone is getting narrower.

Wondering why a speed car is needed? For example, you parachute down to the edge of the map and need a vehicle to get to a safe area in time. Besides, moving by walking is quite dangerous, easily becoming the target of others. On the other hand, driving a car and riding on a motorcycle means you are protected by a mobile steel shield, which is difficult to knock down.

5 cars to help you move fastest in PUBG Mobile.


Top speed: 152 km / h.

Motorcycle in PUBG Mobile

While the Mirado and the Motorcycle have the same maximum speed, the Motorcycle has a better acceleration time. That is why it comes first. While you might think a car with a much more powerful motor will perform better, a motor with a light weight is better. It can carry 2 people and has 100HP, the person in the back can shoot. Of course, you don’t have anything to protect you while driving this car and it’s also pretty hard to drive.

Top speed: 152 km / h.

Mirado cars in PUBG Mobile

This car is the 2nd fastest in the game. It has 4 seats and HP is 2000 / Overall. However, it can only drive on flat, unobstructed roads in the city. If using it for difficult terrain climbing, it is best to walk instead of using this vehicle.

Top speed 139 km / h.

Dacia cars in PUBG Mobile

Dacia is the less powerful version of the Mirado, with an HP of 1800. Top speed is a bit slower and acceleration time is faster. This car is also quite bad if used for off-road use and easy to overturn if you are not careful.

The motorcycle has a Sidecar
Top speed: 130 km / h.

Motorcycle with Sidecar in PUBG Mobile

With a sidecar attached, this car can accommodate 3 people. However, it’s not even as stable as a conventional motor. If the driver is careless, his teammates will be thrown from the vehicle immediately.

Top speed: 115 km / h.

Armored UAZ cars are sealed around

UAZ is the most popular vehicle in PUBG Mobile. With 1820 HP and completely covered design, the player sitting on it will be superbly protected. UAZ also has a great advantage of being able to move well on any terrain.

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