Lien Quan Mobile is currently the most attractive strategy game in the mobile game market. Not only has established its own place in the gaming industry, but Lien Quan Mobile is gradually proving its importance in the e-sports tournaments – eSports and has been included in one of the competitions of the world. world, regional sports like Olympic or Asiad.

Therefore, the number of Lien Quan Mobile players is constantly increasing, although it has appeared for a long time. It is not easy for new players to get high on the rankings because of so many prominent names and experience. However, the top 10 generals below will help you get a good start when you join Lien Quan Mobile.


Valhein is a champion that deals mixed damage with physical damage with basic attacks and magic damage in his 3 moves. This is the basic general given when starting to play League of Legends, so we will not have any hesitation to receive it immediately, besides, Valhein has a simple skill set, but the amount of damage is huge. In the League of Legends, Valhein acts as a sniper but the skill set is magic damage so you can throw a special dart at enemies within range to stun your opponent.


Like General Valhenin, Yorn is also recommended for the ADC position. Yorn has a very high amount of damage, after 5 attacks with infinite passive will be activated firing arrows that deal strong damage to opponents, even reducing the opponent’s health by up to 50%.

The exploding arrow when fired to a target area deals physical damage and stuns the victim for 0.75 seconds. In addition, the magic arrow will also physical damage to the first enemy champion hit, along with the target’s missing health to 10% of the target’s missing health as magic damage (up to 1000 damage up fuck).


Butterfly is a beautiful assassin not to be missed for newcomers of the League of Legends. Butterfly unleashes its sword in a flash to deal physical damage to victims hit in a straight line. Butterfly also gains 50% attack speed for 3 seconds.

In addition, assassination will damage and increase 50% immunity for 3 seconds gradually decreases to 0, and the target will be marked for 3 seconds. During this time the enemy’s movement speed is reduced by 30%. At the end of the mark or the target is dead, 20% of the damage the target took will be converted to healing itself.

Trieu Van

Trieu Van can be played as a Gladiator or Duel with diverse gameplay and possesses simple moves. Trieu Van enhances himself to remove all unfavorable statuses he is currently suffering, and increases movement speed by 80% for 1.5 seconds. The next basic attack will be enhanced, dealing bonus physical damage to nearby enemies, slowing them by 50% movement speed for 2.5 seconds with Dragon Blood. In addition, the dragon and the Dragon Ball can also increase the speed to destroy the opponent.


Taara is a tank / fighter general. This is a free champion but very often used in high damage battles. With Canadal or Smash can restore 3% of missing health over 3 seconds per cast. In addition, Taara’s Steel Body skill uses up her full potential to restore 8% of maximum health per second for 5/7/9 seconds, and increase movement speed by 30%.


The beautiful female mage Krixi is also an option for new players but also has a very dreadful amount of magic damage. Krixi throws a virtual image of a butterfly flying back and forth, dealing magic damage each turn. Each unit hit will reduce its damage by 20% to subsequent units, up to a maximum of 40%.

The Blizzard will help Krixi call upon the powers of nature to attack enemies, knock them up and deal magic damage. Besides, within 5 seconds, Krixi summons a meteor shower to attack nearby enemies, dealing 275/350/425 (+0.6 magic damage) magic damage each time it hits. Each enemy can only be hit up to 4 times. Krixi gains 15% movement speed while using his ultimate.


Veera is really an amazing female magician with a hot body that can stack up damage to bring down any opponent. This girl possesses the skills of a beautiful girl, so she can beat her opponent quite easily. Veera’s kiss deals damage to enemies with magic damage, and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Veera summons up to 5 Little Demons to attack nearby enemies. Each Little Devil deals magic damage. If the Little Demon attacks the same target, the second attack onwards only deals 50% damage and the Infernal Bat can also help Veera defeat the opponent with the damage.


Mage Mganga with her basic Black Magic passive when launching basic attacks and abilities with poison effects dealing 25 + (1 per level) + (0.05 magic damage) magic damage and stacking 1 Black Magic Seal, max 5 Press and deal 5 damage. A stream of poisonous smoke in a target area for 4 seconds when launched will deal magic damage and slow your opponent’s speed Mganga launches evil objects in the direction of her target, dealing magic damage to enemies hit, and healing herself for a amount of health. If the target is an allied champion, they will be imbued with a mark to help heal. Although the appearance is not good, high damage promises to be a general that helps new players to get acquainted with the coalition more easily.


Mina is a powerful tank that can protect teammates in fights. With her scythe of death and massive amount of blood, she could destroy her opponent before she ran out of health. Mina swings her scythe to deal physical damage to nearby enemies.

The death scythe can deal physical damage and also pull enemies closer, slowing movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. With that, Mina’s Dark Magic skill will provoke nearby enemies, causing them to attack her for 2 seconds. Damage dealt by enemies provoked to Mina reduced by 50%


Azzen’Ka is a mage that is very suitable for gamers who are new to the League of Legends, possessing an average level of damage. Passive Sand Trap causes targets damaged by the ability to be cursed up to 3 times. The target with all 3 curses will be petrified, dealing 150 + (10 per level) (+0.75 magic damage) magic damage.

The cruel Sand Dune can summon giant sandy hands to strike enemies for magic damage and knock them up for 1 second. Enemies that are hit by Dark Dust twice will only take 80% damage.

Above are 10 free generals for new recruits of Mobile League. Hope you have a good start with our list of champions that we recommend above.

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