The game market for the past 2 years is the domination of the survival shooter series. One of the few mobile games that are still firmly standing is Lien Quan Mobile. Owning a large number of gamers and a collection of thousands of generals has made this strategy game the most popular in the Esport village today.

When playing Lien Quan Mobile, the deciding factor to win is the general, so everyone wants to own the strongest generals in Lien Quan Mobile, but not all gamers have the desired general formation. To be in the top player, you need to be flexible and know the skills of each champion if you want to use them well in battles, especially with the generals listed below, it will be extremely difficult to play to join the League of Mobile. You need to consider carefully choosing a champion.


General Grakk in the game League of Legends Mobile

The inclusion of the name Grakk will cause many people to argue, because Nakroth or Superman are also extremely annoying generals. With the nickname “ glutton ”, Grakk’s skill set is greatly related to his eating and activities. General Grakk has a unique set of moves but has a rather slow movement speed, which will force Grakk to team up with his teammates to gank.


The most difficult general in League of Legends Mobile

Perhaps the fact that Murad is in the top of a difficult champion is understandable because Murad is a new champion but possesses a formidable skill set. Right from the start of Murad, people are advised to practice carefully before taking Murad to the top race. Murad’s Wandering Skill can open Seals through 4 attacks, so you must observe nearby objects to accumulate attacks.


Power bat in League of Legends Mobile

DC’s copyrighted Shadow Knights have the ability to stealth for up to 30 seconds after 1.5 seconds of hiding into the shadow. However, that is not too perfect as it will immediately show up when the enemy is 6m away. The Night Bat effect can help Batman warn them they need to be ready for a new wave of attack ahead.

The Darts will help Batman both slow down, stun the opponent while Batman himself is healed, but used is not simple because of the flash mechanism. Night Bat’s ultimate has lost its stealth effect, so Batman still has one active to kill the enemy, so take advantage of this to assassinate and surprise the enemy.


Female tough-breaking teacher in the game Lien Quan Mobile

Natalya is an extremely powerful mage general at all stages of the game, but her oriented skills are not easy to use, so you should practice 3 skills before officially joining the battle. class. Natalya’s signature move is Death Ray, her move will release a deadly energy that deals magic damage and gains an immune shield.

In order to be effective, the player needs to carefully calculate the energy launchers in order to cause maximum harm to the opponent. When you hit the target you skillfully sweep more enemy champions trying to run to the sides to avoid the attack.


Assassin sexy but very difficult to use in Lien Quan Mobile

Airi is the 43rd assassin of Lien Quan Mobile, there are times when Airi is extremely appreciated, but how to play Airi is not easy. Airi can reduce the cooldown of the Sword with basic attacks, Grandmasters should take advantage of this so that they can use the Sword of the Sword skill to constantly poke the enemy’s blood.

The Sword Dance technique can be activated 3 times and cross terrain very well, therefore, the Grandmasters should take advantage of this to be able to chase the enemy and escape the fight easily. The ultimate Dragon Sword can create a lot of armor when it hits many enemy champions, so the Grandmasters try to use this attack to hit as many enemies as possible in teamfights. The biggest downside of Airi is that it possesses many target positioning techniques, which are easy to avoid.

Above are the 5 generals that are considered to be the most difficult to play in the current Mobile League. However, those generals possess powerful moves and skills, so you can completely win if used properly.

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