Recently on the Google Play app store or Apple Store appeared an application called Minecraft Trial, a name that sounds familiar because it has the word “Minecraft”. So what is Minecraft Trial and is it different from Minecraft? The answer is very simple for those who are playing this Minecraft game. Minecraft Trial is a trial version of Minecraft. This version is free to download and play, but this free is only limited to a certain time and only has a certain number of features before users decide to buy Minecraft or not.

Minecraft Trial is a completely free trial version of Minecraft Mojang for players, in Minecraft Trial will experience some of the basic features of the Minecraft game to let players decide if they should buy Minecraft. or not.


In order to compare Minecraft Trial and Minecraft with something different and the same, the reader should note the following characteristics.

  • Minecraft Trial is completely free to download while Minecraft costs VND 170,000.
  • Minecraft Trial is limited to playing within 90 minutes and Minecraft you can play everything, fully until you get bored.
  • Minecraft Trial has limited features, cannot be played in connection with online friends or played on Minecraft’s own servers.
  • The world you build in Minecraft Trial will not be transferred to the Full version of Minecraft even if purchased.


Minecraft Trial and Minecraft versions are two completely separate versions, even if you activate the Full game, that means buying Minecraft must also download new Minecraft. Therefore, you do not have to download Minecraft Trial and buy Minecraft Trial into Minecraft.

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