When playing Free Fire, there is one stat that players often ignore – Move. Have you ever wondered why the enemy in Free Fire game can move fast? If so, here is the answer for you.

In the battle royale-style survival shooter like Garena Free Fire, movement speed is one of the most important indicators, but many gamers underestimate it. In fact, moving fast, you can achieve targets in front of enemies such as escaping danger zones or getting to loot locations faster. That’s why Kelly’s skill is so useful, even though it only increases her speed by 6%.

Below is a list of Free Fire weapons with the highest and lowest movement stats showing their weight. Obviously, you will go slower if you carry a heavy weapon, right?

The heaviest Free Fire gun

Gatling machine gun

Gatling is at the top of this list because of the huge difference in weight, reducing the player’s speed to 32. That means, you can only move 1/3 of the normal speed when using the gun. this.

Due to its weight, the Gatling is not the ideal weapon to carry with you. Therefore, it is always attached to a vehicle or placed on the ground. Move it around, pull the stock and aim, only the strongest can do it.


Surprisingly but really, the new AUG weapon is a heavy FF gun. While wearing it, your movement speed is halved. In general, this weapon makes the player move slowly and the aiming accuracy is also low. This power imbalance is really not worth a try while playing Free Fire.

Lightest Free Fire gun

As expected, melee weapons are the lightest in Free Fire with a speed index of 88. You can run lightning fast while holding them. However, the name below will surprise you because the pistol is actually not the lightest FF gun.


Yes, the lightest gun in the Free Fire game is SMG UMP. With a movement index of 79, it is lighter than a regular pistol, and at the same time, increases your movement speed higher than Kelly’s skill. With the exception of the M500, all pistols have the same speed stats from 75-76.

Above is a list of the heaviest and lightest Free Fire guns. Hope the article will help you choose guns in Free Fire better

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